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Our APIs can be used for mission-critical systems.

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We provide account data into the solutions that hundreds of thousands of Australians use every day.

Data from All Major Australian Banks

We work directly with the banks with contracted data feeds. Our services do not utilise Screen Scraping.

Direct Data REST APIs

The ACSISS Direct Data REST APIs are based on the Australian Consumer Data Right specifications for our requests and responses.  To accommodate our requirements as an intermediary, we have added sections and calls to cater for the aggregation of data from different financial institutions.

Our APIs require that a Data Recipient be registered on the API platform and that SDS have issued credentials for the OAuth Client Credentials Grant flow.

GET /banking/accounts

"accountId": "29251",
"displayName": "Bob the Builder",
"maskedNumber": "***********500",
"openStatus": "OPEN",
"isOwned": false,
"productCategory": "UNKNOWN",
"productName": "",
"SDS": {
"currency": "AUD",
"processingStatus": "A",
"processingStatusDate": "2019-11-13T00:39:17Z",
"institutionId": "ANZ",
"clientId": "85d7669a-d34a-4912-a185-a33ca222d5e3",
"lastTransactionPostedDate": "2019-12-14T14:00:00Z",
"createdDate": "2019-11-13T00:03:26Z",
"updatedDate": "2019-11-13T00:39:17Z"